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Wheel Building Class Defined:

The Four Phase Class will teach you How-to-Build-a-Wheel using tools and science.

Constructing a Wheel is Four Phases

Would you like to learn how to build a bicycle wheel? At Standard Bike Repair, we teach Bicycle Wheel Building in Two Sessions of Two Hour Time Blocks.

Phase One

  1. Determine what type of wheel that we will build.
  2. Select hub and rim to match our desired specs.
  3. Measure the Estimated Rim Diameter of the loop.
  4. Draw hub and gather lengths and widths of various angles.
  5. Enter measurements into Online Spoke Calculators.

Selecting a hub, rim and spokes is part of the process. If you are purchasing the wheel that we build, then you name the specs. If the shop is keeping the wheel that we build, we choose wheel parts based on stock and need.

We use two technique to measure the Estimated Rim Diameter of the circle. Correct measurements of the components is key to selecting the right length of spoke.

After drawing the hub, we will use the metric calipers to carefully Spec-it-Out. Then, our calculations are entered into an Online Spoke Calculator.

Phase Two: Cutting Spokes

Now that the Spoke Calculator has given us a number indicating Spoke Length, we need to cut down and thread Spoke Blanks. To cut and thread the spokes, we use a machine qualified for manufacturing called the Morizumi Spoke Machine from Wheel Fanatyk.

We can build just about any wheel imaginable. The spoke cutting is the easiest part.

Wheel Building Class with Spoke Threader, Morizumi Spoke Machine
A bike shop in Boulder has a Wheel Building Area for truing and bicycle spoke production.

Phase Three: Lacing the Wheel

Now that we have spokes, hub, rim, nipples, and spoke prep laid out on the table, it is time to lace the wheel. To lace the wheel, we drop spokes through holes in the hub, and stretch the spokes to the nipples based on a Three-Cross Pattern.

Phase Four: Truing the Wheel

Truing the wheel is the art and science of the build. Depending on the precision of nipple tightening in an even way throughout the rim, we encounter little or lengthy time in converting this wheel into Ride-able form.

The end. You have built a wheel.

What Type of Wheels do we Fabricate?

We typically build 32 or 36 Spoked wheels with standard three-cross patterns. We do not build wheels with funny parts like Aero-Spokes.

Where do the Wheel Components come from?

We have new and used hubs, rims and spokes in our inventory. Depending on the shop’s needs or the wheel that the customer wants to buy, we select the components.

In the event that customer wants to purchase the wheel for a specific bike, we may need to identify parts ahead of time and order the necessary components. We get shipments of parts about once per week.

Sounds hard. What if I take longer than most to make a Wheel?

You are encouraged to be 100% Hands-on. In the event that you are having trouble truing the wheel, I can step in and make it work.

What happens with the Wheel that we Build?

You do not get to keep the wheel, unless you want to buy it. The Wheel Building Class Fee is for the teacher facilitated class only.

Based on component cost, we price the wheel. If you don’t buy the wheel, we want it. Having quality wheels on hand for various sizes of bikes is quintessential to a bike shop’s success.

How much does the Wheel Building Class cost?

The cost of the course is $20.00. The completed wheel is not included. You may choose to build a wheel for the shop or pick components for a wheel to keep.

How do I Sign-up?

If you would like to build a wheel with the shop owner, Ryan Kelley, please call 720-837-8984 or email at slopaintinginc@gmail.com and bikes@standardbikerepair.com

We can schedule a block of time for you. We have weekdays, weeknights and Saturdays available.

Wheel Building Class teaches how to measure a hub and rim. A certain size spoke to make a wheel.
The nitty-gritty of Bicycle Wheel Construction: Measuring the Hub and Rim using Calipers and ERD Tools.