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Watch/Help/Learn and Tools Lead to Bike Repair Service Stations

At Standard Bike Repair, our every day focus is on fixing bikes via 1-on-1 appointments. Part of the process of Watch/Help/Learn includes you and Ryan talking about the care and tools needed to repair your bike.

How in the Google?

In 2014, Ryan got a call from John Fitzgerald of Wood Partners stating that he is looking for a bike shop that can supply them with tools for the bike shops in their buildings. Ryan thanked his Google stars that his shop happened to be in Boulder and that John had decided to search for a “bike shop” in Boulder. The strange call seemingly came out of nowhere and transformed Ryan’s business.

Fortuitous Phone call

As a result of the phone call, Standard Bike Repair’s yearly revenue increased by 50%. All of a sudden this little home based bike repair service station seemed able to live beyond the tune-up.

Evaluation, Re-Evaluating, Assessing and Auditing the Efficiency and Space of a Bike Shop

Building “bike shops” as amenities for the use of residents in an apartment building required extensive proposals to be written about bike repair service stations. The process forced Ryan to re-think how Standard Bike Repair operated.


Space and time must be used efficiently to run a business that continues to grow slowly over time. The fact that bicycles are 

How the bike shop runs is the key to living efficiently which is super important in a limited resource environment.

Watch/Help/Learn: The Conversation that Happens Within

Part of Watch/Help/Learn is about maintenance for your bike when you are on your own. Those who are really interested in pursuing their bike maintenance learning career will want a repair stand, collection of tools and space to work on the bike.

— Examples of People that Are Looking to Build a Repair Spot in Their Homes

  • Husbands who found a backyard, garage or tool shed spot to hold a repair stand and a tool box.
  • People who participate in races.
  • Women who want to feel empowered when they ride the bike. 
  • Apartment dwelling college agers who will stop at nothing to repair their bike even if it is in the living room.
  • Fathers of kids who find bikes fascinating.
  • Decision Makers of property.

— Spaces in City that are Useful to Have a Bike Repair Station

  • In front of a restaurant.
  • In an apartment building.
  • The public space of an HSA property.
  • City Squares
  • Office Complexes
  • Co-ops
  • Schools
  • Tool Sheds
  • Garages

Things that You Can Buy:

  • Standard Tool Kit
  • Bike Shop

Process of Buying a Standard Bike Shop

To have a Standard Bike Shop built for you or sent to you, inquire directly to Ryan. Ryan will have a conversation with you, figure out your needs and draw up a proposal. You have the option to have Ryan build it for you on-site or have the individual Bike Shop Kit items sent to you. Ryan will work with you to find a cost-effective custom option. To really go all out, be prepared to invest into the Bike Art budget. Bike Art comes in the form of stained glass, posters, tactile pieces, and framed art.  


Standard Bike Repair Logo: We will use it every where that you let us.

  • Varieties of signage available from Burnt Wood Logo to Stained Glass.

Like snowflakes, no two bike shops are the same.

Ryan uses the surroundings, his skills, your budget and the goodwill of Earth to create a bike shop for you.

Every area that needs a bike repair service station has it’s perks and drawbacks.

One example of a drawback is space. Despite this large planet, it can still feel small because most of us, humans, live near each other where space cost money. Ryan will work with you to create a space in your garage or commercial building.

How did Standard Bike Repair happen?

When Ryan started Standard Bike Repair, he did not know how to tighten brake cables. In essence, he knew how to ride a bike, but had to go to his nearest friendly bike shop to upgrade it. A man who worked in said neighboring bike shop named, James Keller, showed him a little too much one time when Ryan was in there about improving the vintage steel road bike brakes. He was wresting a carbon seat-post from a frame. It was a brutal fight capped with a tap of the hammer and off it went. James said, “You start doing this thing 40 hours per week, you will get the hang of it”.

US Bank = 4 Years to the day: May 10, 2008 – May 10, 2012

Ryan worked at US Bank at the time. He was a bank teller for four years. He loved the job. It was fun to transact the business of Boulder’s wealthiest, business owners, CU students, homeless people, worker-bees, householders and famous people. Besides the drive thru being a nightmare. Hint: if you want any sort of service at all, and you bother coming to bank, skip the ol’ “drive thru”. It will be a no-fun experience filled with shouting. Not that you won’t be sold to if you walk into the bank, but you will get better service.

Cottage Home Livin’

Ryan lived in the cottage home shown below. He wanted to work from home like the other cool entrepreneurs making deposits of cash on a regular basis at whatever time of the day that they felt like coming to the bank to deposit the winnings. Business owners were the bizarre people that never failed to make an impression and always had freedom of scheduling their lives.

If you build it, they will come. Field of Dreams quote that seems to have come true.

Standard Bike Repair came alive because Ryan realized that his little cute house would be perfect size for a bike shop. Only problem is that his living space is mostly a submarine style kitchen and a boat-like bedroom capitulated with 2/3rd’s bike shop including a huge opening room of 14 feet long and a row of sunroof windows. To the far right is a 10′ x 10′ parts room that has the same angled roof as the front of store and bedroom. Entire house is 44′ long, 12′ wide in the biggest room.


Beyond the Story of How Standard Bike Repair came into Existence

We have nuts and bolts and reality: the shop needs to work efficiently in order for it to be used at all. The Durahooks as presented below are available from a variety of sources online. You need them if you have pegboard in the house.

Big Feature in the Workshop: Workbench Choices

  1. The 8′ Workbench made by Standard Bike Repair
  2. Harbor Freight’s Multi-Purpose Relatively Inexpensive Workbench
  3. Global Industrial’s Adjustable Height Maple Top Workbenches

Made by Standard Bike Repair

  • Poplar Wood Top fashioned by Consolidated Lumber and strutted with 4’x4′ legs and 2’x4’s
  • Coating of Polyurethane
  • Choice of Stain
  • Expensive to ship. If you want one of these and you don’t live nearby, consider the option of paying Ryan’s travel expenses and daily fees to come build one for you on the spot.

Now, it is time to choose Air

  • Got $50, go for the Pedro’s Super Prestige
    • This exact pump has lasted well over a year in Ryan’s shop.
    • It is holes already drilled into the base in case you would like to make it steal-proof.
    • Fasteners needed if you are choosing to make it difficult to take. Concrete or wood fasteners available.
  • Got $400, the Bike Fixtation is Really Hard Kick Proof.
  • Want to get really fancy? Air control panel station, hidden air compressor… $995