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Davis, Boulder, CO:

As soon as we met he spent time to learn my name, learn about my life and genuinely asked how I was doing. It was cold out and he gave me his jacket. Although he probably had a long list of things to do he chose slow down and be intentional. He took the extra time to do things right. He is a guy I want to be like. Ryan is a man. His character was manly in the most humble way. He knows how to balance hard work and also how to be human and care for others. He was so reasonable with the pricing I couldn’t fully understand how how he made money. Then I realized he doesn’t work for money. hHe works to provide for his family and care genuinely for people. I received far more than he charged. Time with him today was a blessing. He silently challenged me to be intentional. when I had a minute I spent time sweeping his shop. With a man like this it only seemed normal to serve him. I will come back to his shop just to spend time with him. I suggest everyone to come by his bike shop.


I dropped off my bike. Ryan delivered it to my home later that afternoon, and now it’s running like a dream.


Thanks Ryan, Awesome job on my bike. It runs like new. I am telling everyone the great work you do. Also thanks for the T Shirt.



I walked my bike over to the bike shop, which is in the owner’s residence, in Boulder. The owner, Ryan greeted me with a smile, warm hand shake and pat on the shoulder. I liked him instantly, he invited me inside and offered me refreshments.

“Wow” I thought to myself, are you kidding me? Ryan and his sidekick mechanic, Neil, went right to work on my bike.

While they worked I chatted with one of Ryan’s housemates which made the time fly and before I knew it, Neil and Ryan were done.

Along with the bike repair, I also received a free t-shirt. I love freebies and friendliness; this was the best bicycle repair experience I’ve had thus far.

After paying him, he gave me a big ole’ hug. That’s right, you heard me.

Ryan gave me what I call the ideal business experience, warm hospitality and great prices. I’m a complete sucker for both and that is why Standard Bike Repair has made a customer with me, for life.

Keep up the great work Ryan, it is greatly appreciated!



I was really excited to find Ryan at Standard Bike Repair! I wanted to fix up an old bike for my son who was leaving for college. The first place I went tried to sell me a new $1,000 bike. When I met Ryan, he loved my classic Trek and within a couple days it was ready to go. I was pleased to both support a small local business and find personal, knowledgeable, and affordable service. I would take another bike to them in a heartbeat. Thanks, Ryan!


Ryan you are so adorable. Your service was amazing. You handled my bike with the upmost care. My pedals are a lot smoother and I am no longer afraid to ride on the highway. I also love the plant you gave me. It was as adorable as you. Thanks for your prompt service and excellent customer service with a smile. I have recommended you to all my friends.


Ryan is a super generous and committed professional, dedicated to keeping us on the road. Thanks so much! Pedal on, Sarah


Ryan! I want to thank you so much for greasing, oiling, and tuning my bike! It has improved things greatly for me! My bike now rides smoother than ever! I will now never get my bike fixed by anyone else! Thanks again! You’re awesome! 🙂


Hands down, Very Best Bike service you’ll ever receive in Boulder! Ryan and his Crüe offer are more then just bike repair you want to become part of the family of Standard Bike Repair, and they’ll welcome you with open arms. It’s even more then that, Ryan will give you competitive prices. I’ve lived in Boulder most of my life and I’ve been to every bike shop in town, never have I received the friendly good service that I have each and every time I’ve been to Standard Bike Repair. Don’t waist your time or money going anywhere else. Thank You Ryan!


I have had A LOT of gear worked on over the years (all over CO), and I have never experienced such levels of care and concern. I had a very annoying leak in the front tire of my 1967 Schwinn Tandem. Ryan took the time to not only find the culprit, but modified an entirely new rim (which he gave to me free of charge!) to switch out, in the event of a future occurrence. Who does that!! University Bikes or Full Cycle are quality, well run cycle shops….but they aint gettin my business no more!


Last month when I took my 16 year old neglected mountain bike to one of the local bike shops to see if anything was to be done with it, they told me to sell it for scrap and buy a new bike. Then they tried to sell me a new bike. Being an aging baby boomer with the knees to prove it, I was over the mountain bike thing and wanted a commuter bicycle but, somehow, I was still attached to that old sentimental bike. Plus I have this ecological recycling streak that made me want to figure out a way to reuse it.

I felt so lucky to find the perfect solution: Ryan. I expected him to agree with the first assessment ~ throw it in the dumpster! Instead, he told me “it has a good frame”, and then, for an affordable price that fit my bike budget, he proceeded to replace EVERYTHING on my mountain bike. Once he had worked his magic, I think the only original components remaining were the frame and the spokes. I couldn’t believe what I saw when I went to pick it up 4 days later…a commuter bike that barely resembled the beater that I had left him with. It was sleek, beautiful, and exactly what I had wanted! It rides like a dream, and the best part is that it is so quiet It doesn’t make a sound when I ride it. I love it!

After a month, it needed a few adjustments as new cables stretched out, etc. I emailed Ryan and within 24 hours I was back at his shop so he could take a look. He consistently went out of his way to accommodate me. Even though he had already put in a long day, he cheerfully tweaked what needed adjusting to his satisfaction. His generosity and great customer service ensured that I will forever be a satisfied customer. I would recommend Ryan’s bicycle services to anyone! You can’t go wrong…..thanks Ryan!


Ryan, Your 42 point tuneup was awesome. My bike has never been in such good working order. You and your staff are awesome. If you ever need a referral have them give me a call on my Minnesota cell phone 612-803-4907. Thanks again, Tyler


Good customer service is defined as making sure the customer knows you are credible and accountable, friendly and prompt, and genuinely interested in them and retaining their business. Standard Bike Repair embodies all of this! My boyfriend had a flat and he had already replaced the tube once. He brought it in and the owner replaced the tube again, and didn’t find any reason for the flat. A day later, when the tire was flat again, the owner backed his work up by making sure to fix it right (thorn in the wheel! Previously undetected) and putting another tube in. Accountability and good service are a rare match and found at this bike shop!


Ryan was extremely helpful!  He knows his stuff!  Repaired my bike in a hurry and its working great now. Will definitely go back.


I met the owner of this store last week when he pedaled up to Vic’s Coffee on a really beautiful fixed gear bike. We talked about his bike- an old style steel frame, painted over solid, satin black,  with really nice looking contrasting deep gold rims.  Anyway, that’s how I found out he owned a bike repair business that also did a small amount of retail.

I had a badly bent derailleur.  He had the special tool which realligns the derailleur to wheels/cogs. He fixed my old thumb shifter and replaced the cable. New shifter would have been $45 at REI.  If I had wanted the generic part, he said he could get it for $10.  As it was, I didn’t even pay for the cable with the derailleur adjustment. Also, he checked brakes and the post derailleur-fix shifting.

I  replaced my grips which had been slipping around.  He had all black Clark’s grips which bolted onto the the handlebars for $10 which is $4.00 less than equivalent grips at REI.
For the deraillurr adjustment and shifter fix and checking the rest of the bike he charged $42 which is what he charges for a 42 point inspection or basic tune. I believe that is significantly less than the big shops. Along with this inspection he cleans the bike.

When I got to the shop, I was expecting him to look at the bike and set up a future appointment but he fixed it on the spot.  He’s got a very nice shop out of his house.  2 rooms dedicated to the shop with 2 Park stands in the front room, a very clean and organized bench with all tools neatly on a pegboard. During the warm weather, he has two additional Park stards outside, a nice canopy for shade, and about 10 colorful bikes, different types.  Inside he had a  full suspension Specialized mountain bike.  Ouside he had my bike in one stand and a small purple road bike frame that he was building up into a single speed for his mom to ride during her upcoming visit.

My impression was that the head mechanic/owner was definitely competent for what I needed and that his prices were better than the big shops. I think he treats 40 year old women on 10 year old Rockhoppers as well as he treats much younger, serious athletes on higher end bikes.


So, I never write reviews…  In fact, this is my first review ever… Yet, after visiting Standard Bike Repair I was inspired to do so. The moment I met Ryan (the owner), I felt at ease and comfortable. He was honest and diplomatic about what needed to be done and conscientious of my budget. I felt at home, or better yet… at a friends house, who was helping fix my bike. Ryan is a natural teacher. We made the agreement to do the work together so that I would understand my bicycle more in the future. I would’ve never expected to get the crash-course that I was given. He scheduled our appointment the same day we met, and in the end, worked with me until Ten o’ clock that night. I was even offered coffee with chocolate milk before we got started. Ryan took his time at answering every question I had, making sure I actually understood before moving onto a different subject. The final bill was exactly what we discussed, with what seemed to be a discounted labor charge. I was even given a standard bike repair t-shirt. I am now a dedicated customer of Standard, I couldn’t be happier with the service I received and look forward to my next visit. Thank you Ryan!


Great tune up! I love the little shop here, the guys are passionate about bikes, give great customer service, and will often be able to offer you a loaner bike while yours is in the shop! Who else in town can offer that level of service?


Also wanted you to know I went for my first good ride of the year on Saturday, and my bike works great. No clicking sound, and EVERYTHING  just seemed to be smoother. Thanks to you!


Okay people… I legitimately just found the coolest bike repair shop in Boulder, hands down. Standard Bike Repair is run by some excellent Boulderites who definitely know what they’re talking about when it comes to bikes. I was given the option today of leaving the bike for a few days while it was fixed or working on it myself with the owner for a couple hours during the day, and after working with him this afternoon, my new bike is looking and running better than ever. It’s right in downtown Boulder, so it’s super convenient… seriously, check this place out!


Amateur at best. I did not have a good experience. Back when Ryan was not the lead mechanic, I experienced less than professional service.


I’ve had my bike maintenance done here for a few years now. Great service in such a small, local and community oriented shop.

Ruby Rae:

I love the work that was done on my bike! I had an automatic bike that had broken and Ryan switched it to a non auto shifter. It works so much better than it did when it was an auto bike and it is a lot easier to ride. I am really pleased with the outcome and all the great work that was put into it.


Friendly, honest service and sales of bicycles and bicycle accessories! Come share a beer with us while we work!, Our new improves shop location inside offers comfy service and sales environment
Disliked: Dont ask ryan to make you coffee


Great service. Really interested in making the customer happy. Also gave me a few good tips about maintaining my bike. Definitely go here if you’re living in Boulder to get your bike repaired.


Standard bike repair is a stone’s throw from my house downtown. So right off the bat, it’s super convenient. Each time I have gone to get my bike worked on I have been met with skill, efficiency, and good conversation. Here they take the time to tell a “just around town” biker all about the workings of my bike in a way I can understand. They help me be a better friend to my bike, and I like that a lot. You are probably not going to get that kind of friendly, community service anywhere… Yay!


These guys are awesome! They are a small, personable shop and do phenomenal work. Although they typically work on road/commuter/BMX bikes, I brought my big bike (FR/DH) to these guys for some work and they dialed it in. Kevin is one of the nicest dudes I’ve met and genuinely just wants you to enjoy riding your bike. Ryan hooked it up and they were able to get me back on my bike super quick. If you need something done, head over to these guys and they will take care of you. Its tucked in on a side street off arapahoe and its nice not to deal with pretentious shops in boulder. Straight up good service, prices and people here who will treat you well.


It’s a small Boulder shop very honest about their clientele. If you need BB30 bottom bracket pressed into your mega expensive frame you might wanna try fancy shop like BCS. However, if you need any other service on a bike, these guys are a place to go! Who in the world carries 27″ road white wall tires, color cables, and some oval shaped square bb crank… these guys! Boulder is a tough place for any used or older bikes. Sports recycler is ok but they will tear your head off if you pick up a phone at their shop, not the case here. These guys are mega friendly and will take care of you best they can. If you have a bike that’s not worth more than average used car, you can get your brakes, cables, chain etc fixed including parts for the price of just labor of any other shop!


Super friendly, He actually delivered to me on campus on Labor Day! Even threw in an extra tire lever and a t-shirt! I will definitely be back for further bike needs.


My super high end bike got damaged in a repair where we worked on it together. Peter from Vecchio’s bailed us out. It was an unfortunate experience. Ryan started Standard Bike Repair in March of 2010. At that point, he had not done any bike repair until Arturo showed him how to take apart a bike and put it back together. For the first two years and 2.5 summers, Ryan hired bike mechanics, buddies and mentors. It was in July of 2012 that he took over the bike mechanics full time. The experience that he needs with bikes in the five thousand dollar and up range is still not there. We like him, but he goofed.


Ryan and his team did a great job tuning up my bike and it rides great now. Their prices are so reasonable: $42 for a tune up compared to over $100 at some larger shops in town. He turned my bike around in two days, gave me some free upgraded grips and also made me a killer cup of coffee. This shop is fantastic and is my new go-to place for bike repairs and maintenance. Keep up the good work guys!

Anonymous 2: 

For great service that is reasonably priced, this is the place to go in Boulder. Especially if you have an “average joe” bike like mine. Ryan is super knowlegeable, nice and does great work. No Boulder bicycle snobbery here! Visit him!

Number 3:

Very personal, I’ve watched these guys work and they don’t stop until your bike is in the best shape it can be. No cutting corners and no BS from these guys!


I needed a solid tune up for my ’85 Bridgestone sport tourer that I use as a commuter. I found fast, friendly, affordable service at Standard Bike Repair. My bike rides smoother than ever!


I had fun wasting time with Ryan after I ran my errands in Boulder. He fixed my bike with the parts I got from working at BV, but he was soooo sweet and put a new chain on it because my was dead. 🙂 Standard Bike Repair Rocks!!!

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  1. I have had A LOT of gear worked on over the years (all over CO), and I have never experienced such levels of care and concern. I had a very annoying leak in the front tire of my 1967 Schwinn Tandem. Ryan took the time to not only find the culprit, but modified an entirely new rim (which he gave to me free of charge!) to switch out, in the event of a future occurrence. Who does that!! University Bikes or Full Cycle are quality, well run cycle shops….but they aint gettin my business no more!

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