Boulder Bike Repair Location
From Arapahoe, spin south onto 18th or 19th. You will find us in the alley between Marine St.

Standard Bike Repair

  • in the alley between Arapahoe St. and Marine St.
  • in the 18-19th St. block.


1823 Marine St.

Boulder, CO 80302

Phone: 720-837-8984

Email: ryan@standardbikerepair.com

Special Note to Google Directions:

  • Red drop-down arrow shows us in the middle of the block and not technically on Marine St. Find us via the alley like red arrow denotes. 
  • It is impossible to see the shop from Marine St. If you end up at 1823 Marine St, find a parking spot, walk down the sidewalk where 1823 should be and follow the signs. 
  • We have one parking space near the front gate for customers.

Near Us from Arapahoe and 17th St. to Snarfs

From 17th St, Valero Gas Station stands next to the Land Rover Mechanic Shop, followed by a block of condominium housing. We are in the alley behind the condominiums. Arapahoe continues with Rocky Mountain Anglers, the Glass Shop and Snarf’s Burger.

Please call Ryan at 720-837-8984 if you require Over-the-Phone Directions

Ways to get to Standard Bike Repair:

1823 Marine St.

Are you outside the shop, standing on Marine wondering where we are? Find the mailboxes where we should be on the North side of the street. There is a sidewalk that runs through underneath the trees and between the brick apartment building and the green and brown monster house. Hang a right at the No Trespassing sign and you will see our painted sign “1823 Marine St” and our heavy wooden gate. Push that open and there we are.


Notice how it shows us in the middle of the block? There we are. Enter through the alley or be prepared to find the sidewalk on Marine St that stands in the place where our 1823 address says we are.

The Hill

Drop down University Ave, hang a right on Marine, left on 18th St, right into the alley, pass the gray and white sign that says “Bridgford Apartments”. We are halfway down the block on the right-hand side with the small stand-alone green trimmed and brown wooden siding.

Parking spot

We have one parking spot. Even two if both cars agree to double-perpendicular park. Do not be afraid to drive around via the alley. Everywhere else is a tow-away zone in the alley, but not our two spots easily identifiable within the driveway and the 6ft tall wooden fence.

From the East

Coming down Arapahoe towards the mountains; swing a left on 19th St, which has The Rocky Mountain Anglers Fly Fishing store on the southeast corner. Take an immediate right into the alley. We are on the left, halfway down the block in the house with the eight sun/moon windows perched in a row on the roof.

This is a video if you were to be driving from the East, heading West on Arapahoe.

CU Campus

Drop down the stairs underneath the Rec Center and swim over Boulder Creek.  The bridge is gone post-floods. Keep coming down 19th St. & before you hit Arapahoe, swing a left into the alley.

Pass the yellow apartment building and the brown and tan one and our driveway extends out from the two dumpsters that lay side-by-side it. There is a blue sign painted to say “Standard Bike Repair.”

Northwest into Boulder via the 36:

Take a left on Arapahoe, right on 19th, right into alley; halfway down on your right.

North Boulder Coming South on Broadway:

Left on Arapahoe, right on 18th St, immediate left into alley, passing gray and white sign that indicates one of the several apartment buildings on our block. We are on the right, 60 yards in.

Boulder Creek Path:

A B-Cycle station sits on the path on 19th Street right next to Boulder Creek. The bridge over the creek got pummeled in the floods. It does not stand anymore.

Crossing the creek without a bridge to the steep and slippery stairs that lead to the backdoor of the University of Colorado Rec Center is arduous. From the sea of red bicycles locked to the B-Cycle Station, walk down 19th St to the left-hand alley just before Arapahoe Avenue.


Take the 119 into Boulder. When you arrive in Boulder from Nederland, you will be on Canyon Boulevard which will take you past the Boulder County Justice Center and the Boulder Public Library. At Broadway, take a right, you will cross the bridge over the Boulder Creek and turn left on Arapahoe Avenue.  Right at the light on 19th Street and immediate right into the alley. Halfway down the block, there single parking spot in the entrance to Standard Bike Repair.