Learning How to Fix a Bike with a Mechanic: $60 per Hour

Watch/Help/Learn: New way of doing ‘bike repair business’
  • is the function of all things at Standard Bike Repair
  • One-man-machine: ‘the central cog’ or perhaps better said ‘central machine’,  because a human can be said to be “machine-like”. We can train ourselves to do the same tasks over and over. Running Standard Bike Repair is a lot like that.
  • Solution to being a lemming and doing the same thing over and over: invite the customer to help.
  • Fixing a bike together is fun and real task. You will feel satisfied that you know what it took and how much better the bike is.
  • Guaranteed. Bike repair is easy. Ryan sets up the bike shop to be run on an hourly basis depending on the needs of your bike and how much you want to learn.
  • You, the customer, play a huge part in getting your bike fixed.
  • Bike repair can be boring, dirty work. Watch/Help/Learn is a way of “doing business”.
  • Ryan’s mechanical mind that “bike repair on an hourly basis is the most efficient use of the ‘central machine’s time’, thus ‘a cost savings’, thus ‘a competitive advantage’.
  • Standard Bike Repair operates out of a home that is not on a main street and counts one of it’s entrances ‘through an alley’ in central Boulder.
Main Things of Standard Bike Repair
  • Carry standard bike parts.
  • Fix bikes “now/real-time/no waiting”
  • Walk-in or appointment based.