Drop off Bike Repair

Drop -Off

Drop Off Bike Repair

Is perfect for you if:
  • You are “too busy” to stay for more than twenty minutes to get your bike done.
    We take the term “busy” really seriously:
    Read further, if you would like to hear about a method that will save you the most time:
    • Tune-ups are often closer to the 45 minute mark; on average.
    • Plenty of times, an hour to an hour and a half is needed when there are multiple small repairs and parts to be replaced.
    • Point: a bike, with parts on hand, can often be fixed quicker “on-the-spot” than “behind the wall”. Our business is catered to Watch/Help/Learn. We allow “drop off bike repairs”. We make sure that our “basic tune-up rate” is pretty close to the highest in town: $95. Every bike dropped off for the “one-week turnaround” gets automatically applied the $95 rate. Many times, it can be “fairly reasonable” beyond that.
    • The “main idea”: if getting your bike fixed “on a budget” is a major goal for you, setting an appointment for a Watch/Help/Learn is the “cheapest way to go”.
    • Many “single issue items” of bike repair take 5mins to 20mins. Assuming, you are “not the type” that waits till their “bike is a wreck”, tune-ups can be “slammin’ easy.”
    • and not much more than you would pay for with a large latte and a bagel sandwich at your fanciest Boulder coffee shops.

The last attempt to steer you to Watch/Help/Learn being exhausted, here are your drop-off bike repair options:

42 Point Tune-Up: $95

  • Designed for the bike that is in decent shape.
  • Your bike will be adjusted & tuned. It is not a deep cleaning and parts replacement.
  • We focus on the bearings, brakes, gears, tire pressure and wheel truing.
  • The 42 Point Drop-off Tune-up is for the customer who does not have time to repair their bike viaWatch/Help/Learn.
  • We go over the 42 Points of adjustment.
  • We clean your bike. We fix your bike. You will like your bike better.

Overhaul: $125

  • Motto: “We clean your bike. We fix your bike. You will like your bike better.”
  • If your bike is left outside for months at a time, it could use this.
  • The Overhaul takes your bike apart and puts it back together.
  • Parts install is included.
  • Tune-up comes with fresh cables, housing, and ferrules.
  • The dirtiest bike parts are removed, hand cleaned and placed in an ultrasonic bath.
  • Bearings and headset are checked and cleaned.
  • Wheels are made true.
  • Everything that is not working is fixed.
  • Every bike part is greased and lubricated.
  • Tires pumped to pressure.
  • When a bike needs an Overhaul, it often needs new parts too.
  • Bottom bracket axle is opened, examined, and cleaned.
  • Hydraulic brake bleeding and suspension services are not included.
  • When you drop your bike off, Ryan will ask you a series of questions about your bike use.
  • Turnaround time is one week from the time and day that you drop your bike off for the Overhaul.

Video: Who we Are and Why we Do it

While we are here discussing the virtues of Watch/Help/Learn vs. Drop-off Bike Repair, have a look at the video below. If you want to learn, get your bike back right away and stay and watch, choose Watch/Help/Learn, it is the cheaper, more fruitful way to go.