Hours of Standard Bike Repair

Simplest Answer:

  • Monday through Saturday

Answer with Hours:


  • Monday through Friday 11am to 5pm (essentially daylight hours M-F)


  • 11am to 8pm Monday through Friday

All Year Round:

  • Saturdays: 11am to 3pm (or before/after with appointment)

Hours told in the voice of: “As you might see on the window of ‘surf shop'”

  1. Ryan Kelley, the owner-mechanic, is at the shop during all daylight hours. Except when he is on errands.
  2. While popping by unannounced with your bike often does get your bike fixed on-the-spot, for the same price at $60 per hour, as if you had made an appointment, but sometimes, it can yield undesired consequences such as “too many customers at once”.
  3. Appointments are gold: Part of what you are paying for is a promise that “if you respect the shop’s time with appointment, and you show up on time, we guarantee “a great experience”.
  4. A “great experience” at a bike shop is defined as “you will learn about your bike, get your bike fixed, not have to wait that long and pay a fair price for the service rendered”.
  5. Is it possible to make appointments for weekday mornings or evenings? Yes.
  6. The only day of the week that Ryan will not work is Sunday.
  7. Usually, the shop is open every day at 11am.
  8. If you would like to make an appointment before 11am, then it may take a “beg and a plead”.
  9. Ryan will honor all requests for Watch/Help/Learn.
  10. The most important thing pre-11am is community coffee table at The Cup; for “work”, even coffee can be foregone or made at home.
  11. Saturday afternoons beyond 3pm are available; weekday evenings during winter hours are also available.
  12. Expect 5-Star service despite the “surf shop hours”.

Bike Shop Hours Analogous to the "Balancing of a Wooden Rim"
Wheel with a wood  rim.

Wooden Rim Parallel to Customer Service

You might notice that the rim is made with wood. Building a wheel with wood, as opposed to metal, reminded me of the balance required in a “customer/business relationship.”

As a “sole operator bike shop,” you get the benefit of “working directly with the owner.”

That is “a lot of pressure”. But you probably “won’t notice” if you didn’t read this page. For example, Standard is going into the seventh summer as of 2017.  Ryan has somehow managed to steer the bike shop customer service rating according to Google: 4.9/5. There are 46 Reviews; two of them are less than 5 stars.

Ryan is not perfect. He tries to be.

Banker’s Hours are Learned

As a former bank teller at U.S. bank for four years, he claims that is where he got his “cadet experience”. In reality, he has not served.

While the United States does not currently mandate service, he chose not to go to a dangerous country and potentially be “more harm than good”. Since, he dropped out of college, he felt like he was “second guessed for consistency”. Then, he got a job at U.S. Bank. He worked there four years “to-the-day”. May 8th 2008 to May 8th 20012.

In 2010, envious of the entrepreneurs, and also “comparing smarts” with them, he decided that one of the “traits of an entrepreneur” is “quirkiness”. As someone few people deny as “quirky once you get to know him”, he decided to “brainstorm an idea”.

But really, he knew what he was capable before he went to the coffee shop “to brainstorm”.

Bike tools were inexpensive, his friend James, who worked at Full Cycle once said “Ryan, bicycle repair is pretty easy. A few 40 hour weeks in a row, and you will be on your way in no time.”

The best part of all, the cottage home “looked like a quintessential local bike shop that would be in Boulder, Colorado”.

Monday through Saturday. No holidays: Banker’s Hours

By “no holiday,” that really means “phone is off,” and the gate is closed, but if you were to open the unlocked gate, you might find him in a peaceful mood working on non-customer related projects, because “for once”, he is not running around answering phone calls, managing multiple customers at once… he is usually there on holidays, but it is a risk to try, because he might not be.

Working “directly with the owner” isn’t always a plus. Just like working with a “gigantic corporation” isn’t always a plus.

There is something you can do, that will alleviate a tiny amount of burden: make an appointment further than “10 minutes in advance”.

When you “make an appointment”; Ryan ignores most phone calls, and shoos away customers who arrive without an appointment.

You will get “on-the-spot” economical service that teaches you while you wait.

We call it Watch/Help/Learn.