Would you like to learn how to fix your bike?

You can YouTube it, go to Community Cycles, or read a book. You can also hire a mechanic for 1-on-1 repair services for $60 per hour.

At Standard Bike Repair, we like to do “all of our repair services” in the Watch/Help/Learn fashion. It somehow “saves Ryan’s time” by fixing the bike with you than without you.

Not only is it a “more efficient way to do business” because it uses the important resource of “the bike shop owner/operator’s” time in an an efficient way.

The benefit to the consumer is that they will see the entire process of their repair.

They will learn some thing: Personally Guaranteed and Professionally Guaranteed by Ryan Kelley and Standard Bike Repair. That something may be a “How to repair if…” or “Now I now how it is ‘supposed to go’, thus I won’t wait so long to fix it the next time”.

It is impossible to say what you will learn in the process of a Watch/Help/Learn. All the bikes come in “with different problems”. Ryan likes to say “We fix the worst things first.”

Standard Bike Repair’s slogan is:

We clean your bike. We fix your bike. You will like your bike better. 

1-on-1 with a Professional Mechanic

Value of Watch/Help/Learn

  • Ryan is willing to fix all types of bikes.
  • He is willing to fix the bike “on-the-spot” with you.
  • When you participate in a Watch/Help/Learn, it is cheaper than dropping it off, because Ryan prices it that way. He realized that he can more bikes in a week “on-the-spot” than a “long queue of bikes”. Thus, it is “more efficient” to offer repair in the form of Watch/Help/Learn. And if it is “more efficient”, it means “less expensive for you”.
  • When you fix “on-the-spot”, you don’t need to wait a week for your bike.Bike Repair Service Shop in Boulder that Teaches Bike Maintenance 1-on-1
  • When he started the bike shop, six years ago, he didn’t know how to fix bikes. He learned the hard way: lots of practice as an adult. As such, he has been humbled. This translates into a friendlier experience at a bike shop than the “bike snobbery” that has plagued potentially great bike shops.
  • He is willing to teach you. Some things are easy to remember.
  • By participating, you will have a “healthier understanding” of “what can go wrong on a bike”. Some of it is easy to fix. Some of it, is simply “knowing when to take it into the mechanic”.
  • If you only need “one or two things”, paying by the hour, is even more economical than a “standard drop-off tune-up”.
  • If you participate, Ryan will ask you questions about “how you use the bike”. Ryan will tailor the bike’s tune-up to your needs.Ryan works with a customer to fix their bike.
  • Standard Bike Repair is about participating in the tune-up to make your bike better.
  • It is also easier “to control the price of your tune-up” when you participate.
  • There are “hours” for Standard Bike Repair, but really “anything is game” when you make an appointment in advance.
  • You won’t remember everything that happens in a Watch/Help/Learn, but you will remember enough for you to feel better about your bike. You will have greater command of your bicycle.
  • You will learn how a bike is “supposed to feel”. A well-tuned bike is pleasant to ride.
  • Knowing about your bike: allows you to have a better bike riding session, because you will not tolerate things that are not working anymore. Once you see the simple measures that Ryan takes to make your bike run better, you will be able to spot problems. Even the “most novice” Watch/Help/Learners remember a fix or two. If it is something that you have not learned or have the tools for, you will know enough that particular problem is “pretty simple” for a professional bicycle mechanic. Understanding your bike makes it “more practical” for leisure and utilitarian purposes.

$60 per hour for Professional Bicycle Mechanic Services


  • Standard Bike Repair’s methodology
  • Fixing bikes via Watch/Help/Learn
  1. Ryan, the owner and professional mechanic will work with you to repair your bike @ $60 per hour.
  2. We “fix the worst things first” together and “keep going from there”.
  3. You and Ryan converse and work within your desired time budget and “things you want to learn”.
  4. Watch/Help/Learn is not only a learning experience but an efficient way to get your bike repaired.
  5. It is a method that teaches the client “what went wrong” since their last tune-up and balances the “cost of the tune-up” equally between business and customer.
  6. “Things done in the back” don’t have to be mysterious. Nothing will happen on the bike that you don’t know about or pay for.
  7. A “standard bike parts” room adjoins the workshop for all the parts we might need.
  8. The better the conversation between you and Ryan, the better your bike will be.
  9. We will discuss your bike’s service needs, where you plan to ride it, the budget, and the “main goal of today’s tune-up”.
  10. What we do within the time-frame of your bike repair will make a “big difference” on your bike for a reasonable cost.
  11. Ryan has set up Standard Bike Repair to efficiently use time and space.
  12. Watch/Help/Learn personifies “efficient use of resources”, thus “it is a relatively inexpensive way” to get your bike fixed.
  13. Ryan has designed the shop to make it easy to reach for tools.
  14. SBR carries 80% of “standard bike parts”.
  15. Watch/Help/Learn is a conversation and “bike fixing session”.
  16. Prepare to “know more than ever” about your bike.

Bike Repair Shop Between 18th and 19th on Arapahoe in the alley on the way to Marine St.

A "wonderful product for a wonderful price"