You have come to the place that you teaches you bike maintenance. We fix your bike with you.

At Standard Bike Repair, you have the option to repair your bike with Ryan. Ryan is the owner. He lives and works there and makes it his life’s goal to keep the business around.

To set up a Watch/Help/Learn with Ryan, reach out to him. The two of you will set an appointment and fix your bike.

What you need is to bring the bike and the willingness to participate or watch. There are aprons, clean gloves and tools there for the task at hand.

We will examine the bike, talk about the issues, and start with the most pressing issue one.

Some of the things that we do, you will learn and not forget.

The best part of learning this way is that you will be quicker to diagnose the bike problem’s in the future.

Riding a bike that is perfect is addicting. Once you know what your bike can do at its peak, you will never want a sub-par machine again.

To set an appointment, the following connections are open:

1823 Marine St. Boulder, CO 80302

(720) 837-8984

Twitter @stdbikerepair


You can watch or help.

You will learn.

Watch your bike get repaired.

Help fix your bike.

Learn about your bike.

Make choices with Ryan to improve your bike.

Stay with your bike; leave with your bike.

We make an appointment with you.

We fix your bike at the appointed time together.

We test the brakes and adjust the brakes.

We tune the derailleurs.

There are 42 Points on the bike including six sets of bearings.

We check for safety check the bike.

You will learn how to safety check the bike.

Ryan will go through the 42 Points with you and show you how a mechanic evaluates a bike.

You make the budget choices with Ryan. Often times, a part can be replaced or repaired. You get the final say. Ryan will present you with the options.

We charge by the hour; if your bike does not take a full hour, you will only be charged for the time that it took to finish the job.

It is a faster way to get your bike tuned than a drop-off bike repair.

A Watch/Help/Learn is a one-on-one process with you and your bike.

You will know what happened with your bike.

Ryan will ask you questions about your bike and your riding. Through the Q&A session, we will arrive at conclusions that prepare your bike for your style of cycling.

To make an appointment, call Ryan at (720) 837 -8984. Or email:

In many cases, you can make a same-day appointment. Next day appointments and next week availability is a possibility.

It is $60 per hour. If it is less than one hour, we charge $1 per minute.

Please, take note of the time when you arrive. Ryan will do the same.

If you are bringing your bike over with a car, we have a parking spot right in front for you. Our shop is based in a near downtown alley; the parking spot is in front of our gate.

We have chairs for everyone. You can stand, sit or participate.

We have aprons and gloves for the participators.

Kids, dogs, friends, and Mr, Mrs, partners, and hangers-on are welcome. We can work with your team to fix more than one bike at a time.

The average appointment is a half hour for people that do not leave their bike outside year-round. For dirtier and unkempt bikes, repairs can take 10 minutes to 40 mins. to an hour and a half.

You have the option of Watch/Help/Learn or a drop-off bike repair. If you do the W/H/L, it is cheaper for the customer and efficient for our business.

Drop-off bike repairs are geared for full overhauls, people that do not have the time to watch their bike get fixed and those with no interest in kicking it at a bike shop for forty minutes.

We take cash, cards, American Express, PayPal and checks at Standard Bike Repair.