Bike Repair Services in a Nutshell

At Standard Bike Repair, you have 3 choices for how to work with us:

  1. Drop Off Bike Repair
  2. Watch/Help/Learn
  3. Services for your specific needs

Which way would you like to work with us?

Drop-Off Bike Repair

  • 42 Point Tune-up: $95
  • Overhaul: $125


  • $60 per hour

42 Point Tune-Up: $95

  • Designed for the bike that is in decent shape.
  • Your bike will be adjusted & tuned. It is not a deep cleaning and parts replacement.
  • We focus on the bearings, brakes, gears, tire pressure and wheel truing.
  • The 42 Point Drop-off Tune-up is for the customer who does not have time to repair their bike viaWatch/Help/Learn.
  • We go over the 42 Points of adjustment.
  • We clean your bike. We fix your bike. You will like your bike better.

Overhaul: $125

  • Motto: “We clean your bike. We fix your bike. You will like your bike better.”
  • If your bike is left outside for months at a time, it could use this.
  • The Overhaul takes your bike apart and puts it back together.
  • Parts install is included.
  • Tune-up comes with fresh cables, housing, and ferrules.
  • The dirtiest bike parts are removed, hand cleaned and placed in an ultrasonic bath.
  • Bearings and headset are checked and cleaned.
  • Wheels are made true.
  • Everything that is not working is fixed.
  • Every bike part is greased and lubricated.
  • Tires pumped to pressure.
  • When a bike needs an Overhaul, it often needs new parts too.
  • Bottom bracket axle is opened, examined, and cleaned.
  • Hydraulic brake bleeding and suspension services are not included.
  • When you drop your bike off, Ryan will ask you a series of questions about your bike use.
  • Turnaround time is one week from the time and day that you drop your bike off for the Overhaul.
  • The conversation with Ryan will give him an idea of what your bike needs. He will provide you with an estimate.

Watch/Help/Learn: $60 per hour

  • For the client that wants to see their bike get fixed.
  • 1:0n:1 with Ryan, the mechanic and shop owner.
  • The frugal way to get your bike fixed.
  • Most bikes can be fixed in an hour or less.
  • You will get to  make choices during the tune-up.
  • Ryan will teach you how to notice problems on your bike.
  • Fits the schedule for busy people.
  • Repairs your bike on-the-spot: instant turnaround time.
  • Saves time: no second appointment for the pick-up.
  • W/H/L is an efficient way for us to do business.
  • We enjoy working with people to fix their bike.
  • Time-wise, Watch/Help/Learn is a more efficient way for Standard Bike Repair to do business. We pass the savings to you.
  • Watch/Help/Learn does not stress the capacity of the business like a dozen Drop-off Bikes in the queue.
  • Working with you 1:on:1 can be like a surgeon calling for tools.
  • You may participate via apron, glove and tools.
  • You can be semi-involved or watch your bike gets fixed.
  • You can use our wi-fi if you need to work while you wait. As long as you are present, your bike will be fixed on-the-spot.
  • Standard Bike Repair can fix a greater volume of bikes with the Watch/Help/Learn method.
  • Turnaround times for Drop-off Bike Repairs are usually a week. W/H/L eliminates waiting time.
  • Watch/Help/Learn costs less than Drop-off Bike Repair most of the time.
  • When you learn how to spot problems in your first Watch/Help/Learn lesson, you will use the information to know when it is time to bring your bike back to the shop.
  • Ryan will teach your how to evaluate your bike.
  • If he does his job, you will remember things and be able to fix your own bike in the future.
  • Unless, you embark on a serious journey to learn about cycling science, there will still be a lot to learn beyond the W/H/L.
  • Ryan will break it down into what you need to know.
  • Everyone will learn something.
  • Brakes are the easiest subject to teach. Gears are the hardest. We teach something for every skill level.

To Set a Time for your Bike, call or email Ryan

  • (720) 837 – 8984