How to Buy a Bike Part in Boulder, CO

Boulder Bike Shop

How to Find a Bike Part in Boulder, Colorado

In this list of 70 Boulder Bike Shops, only 20+ are legitimately called “A Bike Shop in Boulder.” This list would better be called “Boulder Bike Businesses and Organizations”. However, the idea of this web page is to pull-in every Potential Bike Part Resource in town and place them all in one place.

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Bike Shop vs. Florist

Infinite Bike Parts, We Need One. Where do we go?

As a cyclist, if you need a bike part, you do not need to go online. Boulder has thousands of bike parts in town between the various bike related business, libraries online and cyclist’s garages.

A few bike shops show inventory on their website. Most bike shops who deal primarily locally think that it is too much time to post their stock online. It takes a lot of labor and upkeep. For those bike shops, calling, emailing or visiting can answer your parts availability question.

One time, Ryan had to visit the Cycle Analyst in Denver for a French threaded bottom bracket. For most of the parts that he uses in standard repairs, he sources from J&B Importers, a bicycle part distributor to independent shops, in Englewood.

Sometimes things like Rock Shox dampening systems from 1995 are found online. No matter how big or extensive Boulder’s part inventory is, there still might be cause to order a bike part from the world wide web.

Standard Bike Repair

However, the outdated shock parts might have been available and Ryan did not know it. It could have been in someone’s garage who did not have it for sale on craigslist or one of the bike shops not typically known for having that part.

Since most local bike shops do not have their inventory online, it takes phone calls or emails to the specific shop to find that part. Since that is time consuming and most bike stores aim for a general section of the market, it is easy to rule out those that do not cater to the suspension market.

It would be great if there was a public library online with a one-stop shop for every bike part in Boulder. It would look like a spreadsheet with specs, brands and a search function. Part of the problem in getting such a system uploaded is getting all the shops to buy into it. That could be solved with bad ass technology that makes it easy to upload their files of bike parts without having to re-enter them. It would require the code to be able to adapt to the various POS systems and inventory management software out there. Ultimately, the shops would sell more parts and the customers would be more apt to buy local. Plus it saves time if you factor out delivery.

7sp Cassettes for Sale at Standard Bike Repair

Knowing which Resource Start With

The list of bike related organizations is 70 deep. Almost any cycling need that you have will be available. Most people using this list will want a Bike Part, Bicycle, or a Group to Ride With.

Places with Online In-Boulder Inventory

Do you need a Specific Bike Part? It is probably in town. You can call all over town. Shortening the list of places that sell bike parts to the Probably and Maybe Groups is a mental exercise. Actually calling two dozen places is worse. There is no Bike Part Library that catalogues Everybody’s Bike Parts in Town.

A Boulder based shop with an online inventory can save a phone call. It is possible to accidentally find it online if they somehow rose above the Sea of Scrapers, tagged and detailed the photo. Some day, we may all get together and freely post our items online. It would give consumers a chance to go to one place. Businesses will sell more. We need the technology and host. It could be as simple as an Edited by Community of Bike Part Sellers in Boulder Google Spreadsheet. Taking inventory of everything we have is a Great Time Spender. It is a conscious and resource-led decision to track all inventory.

The Boulder Dealers inside the city that put All of Their Bike Parts Online is a Great Resource. They are Pro’s Closet, Excel Sports, The Gear Movement and Wheels Manufacturing.

The places that don’t sell a significant amount of parts online, thus only have a store for token items or Store-Branded Paraphernalia are Almost Useless. If you need a specific bike part, call them.

Chain For Sale

Used Parts Bins

Besides, the random guy or bike part dealer selling parts on Craig’s List, there are places in town with Used Part Bins, Hundreds of New Parts, and People to Answer the Phone. There are twenty plus brick and storefront bike shops with new parts and salespeople. Most of the time, most of the shops will answer any questions about a piece of inventory they could sell if it is the right one for you.

Used Part bin options: Boulder Sports Recycler, Community Cycles, Standard Bike Repair, and Fat Kitty Cycles. For used part bin options, it is more difficult to stop our day for a single ten dollar used part. It doesn’t hurt to call, but if you truly want the perfect price at less than brand new, then a visit means all the world. We are happy to let you browse the variety of metal bike parts that seemingly last forever.

Bike frames and bike parts last forever. I have never seen a steel, aluminum or carbon frame completely dissolve and disappear over time.

Maybe in millions of years, your bike will no longer look like a bike. Bike last till the sun blows up.

Google, Bing and Everywhere Online

There are thousands of internet sites to buy bike parts. Every time, we shop online, the idea of Wow-Didn’t-Know-They-Exist happens.

I need a bike part and I want to support a local business. But they don’t have it in stock.

That is okay. They will be happy to order it for you from their bike part distributor. A lot of them are willing to match the price you found online. It will take a few days, but more of the sale stays local. You may get to know the mechanic or salesperson better, and the business gets a chance to sell you something. Who likes buying online anyway? It is all so impersonal and the Game of Will My Bike Part Show Up Begins.

This List is Great, but It Needs More

The following questions are still unanswered

What are the 20+ Bike Shops in Town?

What stores have online stores, but not their whole inventory?

I am an X-Caliber Rider, how can I find a Group?

I want to build a custom bicycle. What are my options?

I want a map of they city. Where do I go? Now that stretches of Boulder Creek resemble a river, it makes getting around town harder.

Bike Shops That Offer Repair Services

Bike Event Calendars

Bicycle Advocacy Groups

All of us.

Non-Profit Bicycle Advocacy Groups

Bike Clubs

Places to Rent a Bike

Places to Buy a New Bike Part

  1. Boulder Bikesmith
  2. Boulder Cycle Sport
  3. Biycle Village
  4. Fat Kitty Cycles
  5. Full Cycle
  6. Pro Peloton
  7. Standard Bike Repair
  8. University Bicycles
  9. Vecchio’s

Places to Buy a Used Bike Part

  1. Boulder Bicycle Swap 
  2. Boulder Bikesmith
  3. Boulder Sports Recycler
  4. Community Cycles
  5. Fat Kitty Cycles
  6. Standard Bike Repair

Places to get a Bike Frame

  1. Boulder Bicycle Swap
  2. Rene Hearse Boulder Bicycle
  3. Standard Bike Repair

Internet Only Stores

  1. Campus Cruiser Bicycles
  2. Gear Movement
  3. Excel Sports
  4. Pro’s Closet

Guided Bike Tours

  1. Boulder Bike Tours
  2. Boulder Cycling Club
  3. Standard Bike Repair

Bike Shops Have Many New Bikes on the Shop Floor

  1. Bicycle Village List of Brands
  2. Full Cycle Brand List

About and Service Guarantee Pages

  1. Boulder Bikesmith
  2. Boulder Cycle Sport’s Policies on Tubeless Tire Repair
  3. Boulder Mountain Bike
  4. Boulder Sports Recycler
  5. Rene Herse Boulder Bicycle
  6. Boulder Biycle Village
  7. Fat Kitty Cycles
  8. Full Cycle
  9. Pro’s Closet
  10. U-Bikes

Bike Shops that Offer Custom Bikes

  1. Boulder Bikesmith
  2. Rene Herse Bicycles
  3. Boulder Bicycle Studio
  4. Boulder Cycle Sport
  5. Vecchio’s
  6. Pro Peloton

Cycling News Agencies and Links

  1. Boulder Cycling Club’s News Feed
  2. Boulder Mountain Bike Club’s Press Releases
  3. VeloNews

Blogs Based from Boulder

  1. The Boulder Bicycle Blogspot 

Information on Area Trails

  1. Boulder Bikesmith’s List of Fun MTB Loops
  2. Boulder Mountain Bike Club’s Incredibly MTB-Only Trails
  3. Full Cycle’s List of Road and Mountain Rides

Volunteer Options

  1. Boulder Mountain Bike Club’s Bike Patrol
  2. Bicycle Village Donation and Volunteer Program
  3. Community Cycles
  4. Valmont Bike Park Host

Consignment Options

  1. Boulder Sports Recycler
  2. Fat Kitty Cycles
  3. The Gear Movement
  4. Pro’s Closet
  5. Seasoned Outdoor Exchange

Places to Buy a Used Bike

  1. Boulder Bikesmith
  2. Community Cycles
  3. Fat Kitty Cycles
  4. Rebay
  5. Pro’s Closet
  6. The Gear Movement
  7. Standard Bike Repair
  8. Craig’s List

Cycling Related Jobs

  1. Bicycle Village
  2. 303 Cycling’s Comprhensive List of Local Bike Jobs
  3. Pro’s Closet


  1. Bicycle Village Spin Class

Bikes & Beer Events

  1. Boulder Cycling Club’s Beer Tuesdays
  2. September 27th, 2013 Bikes and Beers

Bike Maintenance Classes and Workshops

  1. Aurora Classes by Bicycle Village
  2. Watch/Help/Learn by Standard Bike Repair
  3. Boulder Bicycle School by Fat Kitty Cycles
  4. Maintenance Class Series by Full Cycle

Places with Retail Store and Full Online Store

  1. Pro Peloton

Places to Get your Bike Fitted

  1. Bicycle Village
  2. Full Cycle 
  3. Colby Pearce Fitting
  4. Pro Peloton
  5. University Bikes
  6. Vecchio’s

Welding-Needed Repairs

  1. Boulder Bikesmith

Women Only Events, Rides and Services

  1. Bicycle Village’s Denver Tri for the Cure
  2. Full Cycle’s Venus de Miles

Damaged Frame Repair

  1. Carbon Repair in Boulder

Coaching for Bike Riders

  1. Colby Pearce Coaching

Custom Wheel Building

  1. Boulder Bicycle Studio
  2. Vecchio’s
  3. Community Cycles
  4. Pro Peloton
  5. Boulder Cycle Sport

Carbon Frame Experts

  1. Velo Zephyr

Cycling Apparel Manufacturers

  1. Green Guru

 Complete List of All Bike Service, Component, Apparel, and Organizations in Boulder, Colorado

  1. Beti Bike Bash
  2. Boulder Bicycle Swap
  3. Rene Herse Boulder Bicycle
  4. Beti Bike Bash
  5. Boulder B-cycle
  6. Boulder Bikesmith
  7. Boulder Bike Tours
  8. Boulder Cycle Sport
  9. Boulder Cycling Club
  10. Boulder Happy Thursday Cruiser Ride
  11. Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance
  12. Boulder Sports Recycler
  13. Bicycle Village 
  14. Campus Cruisers Bicycles
  15. Colby Pearce Fitting
  16. Colorado Brevet Series 2013
  17. Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides
  18. Colorado Multisport
  19. Community Cycles
  20. Cycling Technology
  21. Dave Phinney Foundation
  22. Excel Sports
  23. FasCat Coaching
  24. Fat Kitty Cycles
  25. Girl Bike Love
  26. Go Boulder
  27. Dirt Labs
  28. The Fix Bikes
  29. Full Cycle
  30. The Gear Movement
  31. Green Guru
  32. Greasy Bench
  33. International Mountain Bicycle Association
  34. James Frames
  35. Louisville Cyclery
  36. LTD Cycleworx
  37. Mosaic Cycling
  38. Off Track Cycling LLC
  39. Optibike
  40. Panache Cyclewear Co.
  41. Pete’s Electric Bikes
  42. Pearl Izumi
  43. Performance Bike
  44. Pro Peloton Cyclery
  46. The Pro’s Closet
  47. Rebay Reseller
  48. Rene Hearse Boulder Bicycle
  49. Retul
  50. REI
  51. Rocky Mountain Cycling Club Events
  52. Seasoned Outdoor Exchange
  53. The Service Course
  54. SMAC Innovations
  55. Sports Garage
  56. Standard Bike Repair
  57. Strider
  58. Superfly Cycles
  59. 303
  60. Trek Bicycle Store 
  61. 21 Wheels
  62. University Bicycles
  63. University of Colorado Bike Station
  64. Vecchio’s Biciclettaria
  65. VeloNews
  66. Velo Zephyr
  67. Venus de Miles Women’s Cycling Club
  68. Wide Eyez
  69. Wheels Manufacturing
  70. Zinn Cycles


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