Standard Bike Repair offers:

  1. Watch/Help/Learn 42-Point Tune-up
  2. Drop-off Bike Repair
  3. Custom Manufactured Recycled Bicycles


Standard Bike Repair Mission Statement:

Teach you bike repair because knowledge is king and you own it. If you own it, you want to know how to work it.

Our business model is driven by appointments. Winter rate for the “Drop-off Bike Repair 42-Point Tune-up” is $42. It will take one week from the day that it was handed to Ryan.

If you would like your bike back immediately, schedule an hour with Ryan. Your bike will returned at the completion of the 42-Point Tune-up. Ryan charges $42 per hour for “On-the-Spot-Appointment” repair services. Customer participation is called Watch/Help/Learn at Standard Bike Repair.

If you would like to study which way to get your bike fixed, visit the Watch/Help/Learn page and the Pricing and Services menu. The Watch/Help/Learn URL lists FAQ’s about the One-on-One teacher and pupil business model with Ryan Kelley as your teacher. A section called “On the Economy of Learning” discusses the savings in understanding how to fix your bicycle. Over the lifetime of you and your bicycle, you will save money by knowing how to tighten the brake cables and bring it in before a problem occurs. Knowing what to look for is key to active bicycle maintenance. Bringing the bicycle in the minute the wheel bearing cone is loose is a whole lot cheaper and less dangerous than waiting till the wheel rolls off the bicycle.

Small repairs on a consistent basis are ten times less coin than the outrageous complete overhaul needed for a neglected bicycle. Swapping eight parts, and rebuilding the bicycle with full bearing overhauls is a whopping sum that can equal or exceed the cost of a new bicycle.

We work within the city of Boulder to repair bicycles through education and create tax revenue. Standard Bike Repair sells bike parts, teaches maintenance services and manufactures Custom Recycled Bikes. 

Please call Ryan for an appointment. The hours are Monday through Saturday 10am – 5pm. He is willing to meet morning or evenings. Every day except Sunday.

You can call him 24/7; he will answer. If he does not pick up the phone, the music is too loud or  the air compressor is whirring. His hearings aids might be laying on the workbench. 

We carry 90% of the bike parts typically needed for repair. If we do not have the part, we can hustle around town or schedule 2nd appointment. New tires, brake pads, and components are on hand to fix your bicycle.

Ryan Kelley @ Standard Bike Repair (720) 837 – 8984


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Owner of Standard Bike Repair

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