Standard Bike Repair


We clean your bike.

We fix your bike. 

You will like your bike better.

Standard Bike Repair is located in Boulder, Colorado.

Watch/Help/Learn is appointment style bike repair.

You, a professional mechanic and your bike meet show up at the appointed time and fix it together.

Attributes of Watch/Help/Learn:

No waiting while your bike sits in the shop.

Often times, Watch/Help/Learn is the economical choice for bike repair as opposed to “dropping the bike off”.

When a customer “drops the bike off” for repair, there is a baseline fee of $75 for a tune-up.

With Watch/Help/Learn, the customer is billed by the minute at $60 per hour.

If your bike needs one or few things, the Watch/Help/Learn method is a fantastic price.

Watch/Help/Learn is not only about learning, but also “an efficient way to run a bike shop”.

If a bike shop is efficient, it can make enough money to stay in business.

Watch/Help/Learn is efficient, thus your gain is our gain.

Customers benefit by learning, “not having to wait”, understand how a bike can be used and “paying for exactly what is needed”.

You have the choice to Watch or Help.

Watching is great because it is time-friendliest.

If you want to Help, you will never forget, thus save money over life.

Ryan discusses what he is seeing and doing as the bike gets repaired.

You will never forget certain checks and processes if you perform the repair.

Sometimes, Ryan throws in a “pop quiz question” to see if you understand.

Ryan aims to make the best out of you in terms of bicycle maintenance skills.


Watch the action: Watch/Help/Learn

Call Ryan to make an appointment today.

Same day appointments available.

Next day appointments available.

All days on the calendar in the future are available except Sunday.

Saturdays are from 11am to 3pm.

Summer weekday hours are 10am-ish to sundown unless Ryan already left on a bike ride.

What we sell and what we do: