Bike Repair in Boulder, Colorado that specializes in 1:1 bicycle maintenance. We fix bikes by appointment with the customer at $60 per hour.

Standard Bike Repair

We clean your bike. 

We fix your bike. 

You will like your bike better.


One student at a time.

Work with Ryan Kelley to get your bike fixed.

You can participate or watch.

We fix your bike together.

Make an appointment to get started.

Watch the action: Watch/Help/Learn

 How-To and Cost of Watch/Help/Learn

Watch/Help/Learn is $60 per hour. Because it takes the business less time to process the bike via Watch/Help/Learn, we price it less than dropping your bike off.  As you can see in on the services offered page, our baseline Drop-off tune-up is $75. Most Watch/Help/Learns take less than an hour. We pro-rate the hours of Watch/Help/Learn.

For those of you who do not have time to stay to get your bike fixed, we offer Drop-off & Pick-up repair services.

Top 3 Reasons Watch/Help/Learn is better than “Drop-off & Pick-up”

  1. Your bike is only in the shop for the time that you are there.
  2. It is cheaper.
  3. You will learn things you won’t forget.

To make an Watch/Help/Learn appointment with Ryan or schedule a Drop-off:

Standard Bike Repair

1823 Marine St, Boulder, CO 80302

(720) 837 – 8984

Urban Boulder near 17th where University runs into Arapahoe from the Hill. Best Bike Shop in Boulder

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