Bike Repair in Boulder, Colorado that specializes in 1:1 bicycle maintenance. We fix bikes by appointment with the customer at $60 per hour.

Standard Bike Repair

We clean your bike. We fix your bike. You will like your bike better.

Standard Bike Repair is a Bike Repair Shop located in Boulder, Colorado.

What makes SBR different is that not only do we offer standard drop-off bike repair, but we also offer Watch/Help/Learn, where you can fix your bike one on one with Ryan, the owner + mechanic.

In addition, we build Standard Bike Shops for commercial or residential homes or businesses. Would you like a repair shop in your apartment, condo, office or home? Ryan can help you build a standard bike shop, full of everything you need to for all your bike repair needs.


One student at a time.

Work with Ryan Kelley to get your bike fixed.

You can participate or watch.

We fix your bike together.

Click the video below to find out more.

Watch the action: Watch/Help/Learn


Thanks for visiting, look forward to seeing you at the shop!

Ryan Kelley

Owner + Mechanic, Standard Bike Repair


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