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Standard Bike Repair: Boulder's Hardest-to-Find, Best, Cheapest, Bike Shop in Boulder
Heading west on Arapahoe… take a left on 19th St.
Boulder's Best and Cheapest Bike Shop
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“Things we Do” at Standard Bike Repair

  1. Watch/Help/Learn
  2. Drop-off Bike Repair
  3. Standard Bike Repair Work Stand
  4. Bike Shop Kits
Before we get going with the “website copy” —

Watch/Help/Learn: Our Primary Service

If you repair your bike via Watch/Help/Learn, expect a conversation about your bike. Part of the process of repairing your bike is a conversation.

You bring with you a wealth of information such as ‘where has it been riding/sitting’ and ‘what are your goals for the bike?’

Knowing the background of your bike is one of the reasons that it is quicker to fix your bike with you than ‘without you’.

Cost of Tuning your Bike at Standard Bike Repair

We charge $60 per hour for Watch/Help/Learn.

Not only are you there to provide assistance with the history of your bike, there are decisions to make that come-up within the tune-up. For instance:

  • Where should we spend the majority of time/budget?
  • Do we need the expensive new part?
  • Being active in the role of repairing your bike will make you a stronger rider.

It is a good idea to know in advance what the budget for your bike repair will be.

Ryan is great at “fixing the worst things first” and “up-selling”.

He is also great at meeting budget goals.

If you don’t believe the advertising pitch here, check out our Google Reviews. The keyword ‘reasonable prices’ is used more than ‘unreasonable pricing policy.’

Which brings us The Obvious:

Ryan is the Proprietor and the Mechanic

What is the difference between “up-selling” and “repairing your bike”?  

“We really should replace these brake calipers. They are beyond repair.”


“You know what would make your bike really sweet? New tires.”

In other words: Is Ryan is grimacing and muttering or smiling and using a ‘sales-y voice.’

Point: Ryan will do everything possible to fix your bike at a reasonable cost. You are the customer. He repeats to the point of annoyance: He is not the boss. A customer who walks in the door is The Boss.

Trade-offs: Bicycle Repair Budgeting

Ryan is a strong advocate of “if you put money/time/the right parts” into your bike, it will become useful and thus, function well.

Ryan’s Bike Snobbery in Full Effect:

It is ridiculous to say that “bikes are expensive” when the majority of them on the road are not.

Compared to a car, boat or plane, they are “crazy cheap” to procure and maintain.

“Some amount of dollars” put towards your bike on a regular basis will keep it working like the efficient machine.

Questions to consider pre-tune-up?
  • Do you want to ride your bike further than ‘around the block’?
  • Is this bike meant to be ‘a machine to carry you somewhere’?
  • How much do you want to spend?

There is “a lot to think about and consider”. Ryan will “do his best” to be kind and ask you pointed questions about your bike and it’s intended uses.

Psyche of Bike Repair said In Lennard Zinn’s Words

Mr. Lennard Zinn, fellow Boulder resident and author of many bicycle related books once wrote in an introduction something to the effect of:

  • If your shifting is “all messed up,” your entire ride’s thinking and thought patterns will be dominated by “mis-shifts”.

Cycling is supposed to be a pleasant.

If cycling is not pleasant for you, then:

  1. You are riding too far for the sake of ‘Sisyphean fantasy’.
  2. You ‘compete’.
  3. Your bike is in dis-repair.
  4. You are riding up hills in order for the ‘fun part’ of riding down hills.


Teaches by Osmosis/Watching and Hands-on Learning

Knowing more about your bike will give you confidence while you ride. Your bike’s overall health will “stay better over time “because you will learn not to let it get “too far out of whack”.

The end goal is making you a great bike. You already have the bike. We are going to make it better.

We clean your bike.

We fix your bike. 

You will like your bike better.


Bike Repair Shop Between 18th and 19th on Arapahoe in the alley on the way to Marine St.

A "wonderful product for a wonderful price"

By Ryan Kelley